10 Celebrities With Unbelievable Spending Habits

Many of us normal people have thought about what we would spend on if we ever won the lottery – luxury cars, 10-bedroom mansions, yachts and expensive clothing or jewelry. Celebrities have found themselves receiving what seems like an unimaginable amount of money that is spent on a variety of those dream items we wish we could get ourselves.
The sad thing is that many of those celebrities who spend lavishly will actually end up filing for bankruptcy within a few years. It just shows that those reach financial highs can quickly hit financial lows. The following are 10 of the most unbelieve spending habits by celebrities.

Antoine Walker


While he may not be the only athlete to have a gambling problem, the former NBA star lost all of the $100 million he made in his contract. When filing for bankruptcy, he claimed having only $4.3 million against $12 million of debt.


Spencer and Heidi Montag


The couple from the Hills on MTV had a lot of money with an income of about $10 million. But it doesn’t last long when your Malibu home costs about $35,000 each month in rent; combined with money spent on cars, plastic surgeries and a music career that failed miserably.