10 Signature Habits of Strong and Healthy Relationships

No relationship becomes perfect overnight. Building a strong and healthy relationship takes time and understanding. While each couple has unique challenges, the 10 items below will help any couple looking for ways to strengthen their relationship regardless of what comes their way.



Communication is the foundation of a happy, healthy relationship. Because every couple’s dynamic is different, discovering how your partner communicates to you, and how they like to be communicated to, is key to maximizing understanding and trust. Remember that couples who communicate well can tell each other both the positive (saying “I love you” or remembering to compliment their partner) and negative things (if someone at work is putting the moves on them or if it bugs them that the trash never gets taken out). Creating an environment where open communication can occur, regardless of what needs to be communicated, is a must for your relationship to become and remain strong.




Your partner’s confidence and self-esteem depend largely on how you treat them. If you show them that their time, talents, and unique personality are valuable to you, your relationship will thrive. Avoid things that break down trust between the two of you, like name-calling, talking about them behind their back, and refusing to take responsibility for your actions.


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