10 Truths about Taylor Swift’s ‘All-Girl Squad’

Taylor Swift’s career is in the stratosphere; she has had a year that few entertainers experience. We have pretty much watched the girl grow up in the limelight, and she is doing so beautifully, not to mention she has earned nearly $150 million dollars the past year alone. But Taylor has also put a focus on her ‘squad’, which consists only of some of the most beautiful and talented females in the world, including Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding, Cindy Crawford, and many more. They have earned over $100 million as their own entity. Who are they? Well, here are some of the facts you may not have known.

1 Karlie Kloss


Kloss happens to be Swift’s best friend, and they are often in each other’s company, being seen everywhere from cocktail parties to road trips. She is a supermodel even has her own room over at Taylor’s place! They met after Swift commented on Kloss in a ‘Vogue’ interview, and they have been besties since a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2013.

2. Jaime King


This relationship has made the headlines a few times. Not only are her and Taylor good friend, Swift is also the godmother to Jaime’s son Leo, her youngest. King says her choice was based on her past considerations of the way Taylor treated other people; she is reportedly very kind and generous.