14 Celebrity Scandals of 2014

The public loves to feed on the comings and goings of the rich and famous, particularly when those comings and goings generate scandal. If you keep your eye on these things you are going to love this: fourteen scandals in the lives of celebs that you may remember, or perhaps you will just be learning about them. Check out…

1. Iggy Azalea

Iggy_and_Azealia Banks

This scandal involved a disagreement between Iggy and Azealia Banks over a court decision. A cop involved in the death of Eric Garner sparked a number of disagreeable tweets. They seem to not see eye to eye on the jury’s decision regarding the police officer, and the issue is made out to be racial in nature.

2. Matt Prokop & Sarah Highland


Miss Highland was actually granted a three year no-contact order against Prokop after he called her names and tried to choke her. He also threatened to kill her dog! The couple were together for five years, and Prokop has gone to rehab since the incident.