20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Extremely Smart

Just when we assume we know something, many of us can be proven wrong; whether it’s guessing someone’s age or what type of music they listen to. Then some of us may underestimate how smart someone really is, including some of the top celebrities in Hollywood.
Maybe it’s because they play roles of people who are below the average IQ rating or might possibly be dealing with a mental disability, but they might be pretty smart when they aren’t in front of a camera. The following are some of the top IQ scoring celebrities that might actually make us feel dumb in the end.



With an IQ close to 140, she has shown she is more than a talented singer and dancer.

Matt Damon


There’s a reason the actor went to an Ivy League school with an IQ of about 160; higher than a very large majority of people.

Goldie Hawn


While seemingly foolish in television, she has quite the high intellect with a score of 130.

Nolan Gould


Known best for being in Modern Family, the young actor set a mark at 150 to highlight a bright future in film.