20 Smart Actors Good at Playing Dumb

Generally, it takes a very skilled actor or actress to be able to portray any given role in film or television. Oftentimes, a lot of intelligence is required to play someone that is different from themselves in a lot of ways; especially when attempting to portray someone who isn’t meant to be bright at all.
For the audience, it’s hard to imagine someone dumb on our television screen or in a film as being smart when they are doing stupid things in a comedy. However, the 20 actors on this list are smarter than you might assume.

Rowan Atkinson


It’s hard to imagine the British actor portraying Mr. Bean has a degree in electrical engineering.

Sacha Baron Cohen


With a degree in history from the University of Cambridge, Cohen has portrayed silly characters like Bruno and Borat.

Ken Jeong


Before portraying Leslie Chow in the Hangover movies, Jeong was actually a doctor who had his own residency.

Dolph Lundgren


Being the stereotypical meathead in films, Lundgren actually earned degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering.