5 Creative Things To Do This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day provides some the opportunity to celebrate their affection, but for some it feels more like “Single-Awareness Day,” causing more heartbreak than festivity. While we tend to focus on “that special someone” on Valentine’s Day, remember that love is not limited to just the romantic. Valentine’s Day can be an excellent time to express your love for friends and family as well.

Regardless of your situation—whether you’re declaring your love to an unsuspecting recipient, expressing your continued love for someone, or telling an old friend/family member that they’re on your mind, here are 5 unique and memorable ways to send the message.

1. A Rose by Any Other Name…


Not as bold as Shakespeare’s Romeo? Don’t worry. Thanks to modern technology and social media, you can declare your love by using Facebook covers or Twitter headers. Find the perfect picture, add a caption, and voila! You have a way to let that special someone know how you feel. If you’ve already found your proverbial “Juliet” or want to post this for a family member, social media is a great way to let everyone know how you feel about them.


NOTE: Don’t stop with Facebook and Twitter, post your image to whatever social media you use!