8 Big Time Billionaires Who Made Something from Nothing

Most of us are familiar with the rich and famous of today. Many of us assume that they came into their money by inheriting it, or they struck it rich when it came to celebrity status; a fluke, so to speak. But did you know there are several super-rich people who started life eking by like many of us? Their innovative ideas and the implementation of them brought them the fortune they have today. Read on to learn about…

1. Bill Gates


This Harvard drop-out left school to start his own technology company, which we all know as Microsoft. Ever since he opened the doors he has experienced perpetually growing success and riches, but before that he mostly did smaller odd jobs in the field. One even included creating a program for class scheduling for his own high school, and another had him as a congressional page. He is currently the richest person on Earth, with a net worth of $76 billion!