8 Of The Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts

While your parents or sweetheart might say that you’re priceless, insurance companies beg to differ. And, if you’re a celeb with an image to protect and money to back it up, you can insure your most important parts for an almost unlimited sum! But, lest you think that this insurance craze is a recent development, let’s go back to the days of black-and-white movies when comedian Ben Turpin insured his eyes against becoming uncrossed. Later, in the 1940s, Bette Davis was insured against her expanding waistline. Finally, Bette Grable, a popular World War II pin up girl, had her long limbs insured for $1 million.

From these humble beginnings, celebrities have begun to insure almost any body part that defines them or their career. Brazilian celebrities, famed for their backsides, have insured their buttocks so often that such policies have their own nickname—“bumbum” policies. Today, the variation of what is insured and for how much remains as varied as ever. While the list could go on, here are 8 highlights from the list of the most expensive celebrity body parts.

1. Louis Tomlinson – Butt $160,000


Whether or not Harry Styles was kidding when he joked that Louis Tomlinson insured his bum for $160,000. The fact that the band is constantly confronted by mobs of over-zealous fan girls suggests that taking out an insurance policy makes sense. I mean, what if something irreversible were to happen? At least he’d have an insurance policy to fall back on.