9 Couples in TV, Movies Who Don’t Get Along in Real-Life

Many of us have our respective favorite couples from a television show or movie that makes us wish our relationships were like that. It’s what we strive towards when we look for our soulmate and wish we had a story like the ones we’ve watched either in the movie theater or in our living room. But those in the acting world have the skills to look like there is the perfect chemistry between them and their faux soulmate.
But what may surprise you is that there are often on-screen couples who actually don’t get along when the cameras aren’t rolling. Some were able to start real-life relationships and some worked, others needed some time to work out the kinks. The following 10 couples are examples of on-screen partners who didn’t get along off-camera.

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey


From the classic film Dirty Dancing (1987), one might think about how these two the time of their life had on the dancefloor, but these two didn’t have the chemistry when meeting for the first script reading. Swayze even wrote in his autobiography that there was even some friction between the two during some of the longer shooting days. But they were able to make amends before Swayze passed away.