9 Horrible Celebrity Bosses

It’s one thing to have a bad boss; most of us do at one point in our life or another. But what about when the boss is a big-time celeb? Sometimes stars are a bit too high on their horse, and this can make working for them downright intolerable. Some of the following bad celebrity bosses may not surprise you at all, but certainly a couple of them will.

1. Lindsay Lohan


She may be the least surprising of all! Lindsay Lohan has been in the limelight for negative behavior a number of times, but assistant Gavin Doyle has some real horror stories to tell. Not only did she try to put him in the driver’s seat after she crashed her car in 2012, he has also had to bail her out of jail for assault charges. To thank him, she attacked him and kicked him out of her car. He ended up wishing her the very best.