Actors Who Nearly Died While Filming 2013 Movies

It should be no surprise that there some of the biggest stars in film will try to go above and beyond for the sake of helping make a better film overall. One of the best examples is how Tom Cruise continues to cheat death by doing his own stunts for Mission: Impossible 4, like jumping off of a skyscraper in Qatar.
Not everyone is lucky to pull off their own stunts without some close calls and near fatal accidents. The aftermath that we see in the movie theaters is some high quality action, but the people involved are obviously just happy to be alive after some of those incidents. It’s a tough industry and while we respect the final product, it’s fair for fans to have a chance to know how things almost went drastically tragic while filming key action scenes.
In 2013, there were a number of examples; more so than usual. Here are just a few of the stories from some of the biggest movies of that year.

Jaimie Alexander – Thor: The Dark World


During a rain-filled scene, the actress slipped on a metal staircase and took a big fall; the interesting note is that the fall took place off camera while she was actually just walking down a staircase early one morning. The injuries included a slipped disc in her spine, 11 separate vertebrae being chipped, her left shoulder being dislocated and the rhomboid on her left side being torn. Overall, she had to take a month away from filming to give herself time to recover.