Celebrities Who You Thought Were Younger, But Aren’t

It’s hard to accurately predict someone age perfectly. In fact, many of us can relate to being completely wrong when we think someone we are out to dinner with on a first date is in their 20s; but we find out they’re nearly twice that age or more. This happens not only in regular life, but also in the world of the rich and famous.
It’s amazing how the world of Hollywood can sometimes make one seem a lot younger than they really are. Maybe it’s good makeup, procedures or just finding some natural way of utilizing the fountain of youth, but there are a number of actors, musicians, artists and other famous stars who have made people assume they were a few years younger than they actually are.
The following 15 celebrities are people who are older than many folks would have originally assumed.

Jim Parsons, 41


The man who plays Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory is in his 40s, while he comes across as a younger and much more neurotic character.


Julianne Moore, 54


Obviously, she has quite the long career with classic films like Boogie Nights, but her sex appeal has not wavered over the years.


Gwen Stefani, 45


It’s hard to believe how much the former No Doubt star with the hit song “Just a Girl” from the 1990s would evolve into such a music icon in the music industry.