Celebrity Couples Many Wanted To Stay Together

Whether in everyday life or in the celebrity world, we notice when there are two people who make the perfect couple. It makes sense because the film and television love interests get people talking, which has shown some of the best love stories that we share with friends with family. But the real-life couples of Hollywood are just as special with long relationships like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or even the 28-year marriage of Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks.
Then again, not every love story in Hollywood has a happy ending like what folks find at the end of movies. The following are some of the celebrity couples that several people wish never ended.

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson


After just one year of dating, they were married in 2008; only to split a few years later in 2011.


Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas


During her days as Disney’s Hannah Montana, Cyrus looked like she was in a cut couple in 2006. But fans were heartbroken by the split a year later.


Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas


Well, we didn’t know he was trouble when he walked in because Swift looked happy at first with this Jonas brother; but the relationship only lasted from July 2008 to October 2008.