Crazy In Love: Top Celebrity Valentine’s Day Gifts

Research shows that Valentine’s Day spending adds up to more than $17 billion each year. This means that on average, Americans spend around $134 on Valentine’s Day gifts. In general, women hope for gifts of flowers, jewelry, and candy while men want technology. Not all Americans, however settle for just “average.” Households with 6-figure incomes spend about double the average and, as you may have suspected, celebrities spend most extravagantly. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let’s see how the financial elite contribute to the $17 billion dollar total. Our list includes everything from $18,000 olive trees to $24,000 phones attesting to the fact that while money “can’t buy [you] love,” it sure comes in handy on Valentine’s Day.

Justin Bieber – $2,000


Two years in a row, Bieber spent $2,000 on his sweetheart. First, Bieber bought Selena all the roses, tulips and daisies available. The next year, he enjoyed Valentine’s Day with Gomez at Disneyland after treating her to a romantic night in a $2,000-a-night hotel suite in New York City. Their pre-Disneyland getaway location, The London Hotel’s 2,500 square foot penthouse suite, is the hotel’s largest and most luxurious. Coming out to almost 15 times more than what the average American spends, this would have been a night to remember.