How to Get a Ticket to the Oscar Ceremony

While such a prospect may seem an impossibility, there is more than one way (e.g. being a celebrity) to get tickets to the Academy Awards.

The Academy Awards, the annual ceremony to honor and award the best movies of the preceding year, attract Hollywood’s elite. While these awards may seem inaccessible to layman Americans, attending this event in person is not an impossibility. And no, you don’t have to write, direct, or star in a nominated film to make your dream a reality.


1. You can register for tickets at oscars.org that will land you in the bleachers that line the red carpet. Names are drawn in a lottery system, and even though being picked to receive one of the 700 available seats might seem like a statistical impossibility, if you do win, you will witness the parade of celebrities firsthand. Winning one of these seats will not get you a seat inside, but this is a great way to attend the event.