Richest Celebrities Age 17 and Younger

While it might make you jealous, but there are several celebrities who are able to financially retire before they turn the age of 25; an age usually reserved for getting going on that career right after college and starting to make a good living for the future. Regardless of whether their wealth came from music, acting or modeling, these are examples of young celebrities who technically don’t have to work the rest of their lives.

Justin Bieber, 21


While he may not be the most liked musician by everyone, he has enough money at $200 million to not really care what everyone thinks.

Ariana Grande, 21


The singer and dancer has made quite the splash in 2015 as she is now worth about $16 million.

Abigail Breslin, 19


While her best role was in the 2006 film Little Miss Sunshine, she has been active in acting since 2002 and is worth about $12 million.