The 12 Most Attractive and Wealthiest Female CEOs

Sometimes money and beauty is a rare combination, especially when only 8 percent of the world’s billionaire elite are female in gender; despite the gender equality that is growing in the United States. But a smaller percentage of that 8 percent have the attractive features on this list that features the sexiest female chief executive officers in the world.
Sure, there are several women who are rich from acting, music and modeling. But none of them have the ability to run a billionaire business. Some of the following are already married or taken, but they some men are hoping they may somehow have a chance later on.

Whitney Wolfe


The co-founder of the Tinder application had to leave the company after she filed a sexual harassment suit against co-founder Justin Mateen. But she’s since created the more female-friendly Bumble that has led to her making a lot of money for a young 26-year old who is still single.

Sophia Amoruso


While she may not be recognizable by name to most men, but a lot of women know about her Nasty Gal clothing line that started small with an eBay account and would evolved into one of the world’s largest fashion retailers. She did step down and has since written the book #GIRLBOSS that is also being picked up for a Netflix inspired television series.