The 13 All-Time Hottest Female Vampires

In terms of science-fiction, vampire films are becoming extremely popular and there are a lot of good reasons when you consider the supernatural creatures are known for eternal youth, strength, other powers and very physically appealing bodies. It might have reached a level that seemed unimaginable to Bram Stoker when he first created Dracula.
Female vampires have come in different forms and have caught the eye of men; so much so that men would be willing to have a chunk of their neck bitten off to get close to these lustful ladies of the night. The following a few of the sexiest in the vampire realm.

Miriam – Portrayed by Catherine Deneuve in the Hunger (1983)


While being very appealing in any film role she had, Denueve was extremely gorgeous in this vampire film in a natural way that the actress shared common traits with the character she played with an even and calm temperament. When you add some aristocracy, the blood and sex from French film, that’s all men could ask for.

Santanico Pandemonium – Portrayed by Salma Hayek in From Dusk till Dawn (1996)


While it wasn’t the leading female role in the film and just a small segment, no one easily forgot Hayek’s dance that had its own hypnotizing charm that forced men in the film to become her slaves who desired her moves and looks.