The 14 Weirdest Jobs That Actually Exist

We’ve all thought about making a change to our careers at some point. There are some people who can’t seem to find the right job for them. But they might be looking in the wrong fields as there are so many to choose from.
Apart from the more common fields like communication, science and business, there are a number of obscure careers that might seem a little odd to most. But there is a market for the following jobs that seem stranger than fiction.

Toque Administrator


It seems there is quite the demand for some people to supply an electric shock by using a transformer that delivers the charge. Each shock only costs a few dollars and it is popular for providing that adrenaline that gives some people a natural high.

Human Punching Bag


Riza Gunay of Turkey has found success as a different type of stress coach by allowing his clients to take out their frustrations on him physically. While it costs a good amount of money, being able to visualize an ex-spouse while punching, throwing food or even shouting at Gunay does provide a lot of pent up anger.