The 20 most awkward moments in award show history

Regardless of who is being honored, award shows are composed of about 40 percent glitz and glamour, about 20 percent involving the media coverage and only 10 percent for the actual award presentations. But what about that other 30 percent? That goes for the variety of awkward moments that are fun to reflect on at the office the next day. The following are the 20 moments that stand out as extremely awkward.

John Travolta gets grabby with Scarlett Johansson


A lot of these moments happen on the red carpet and that’s where Travolta attempted to show his affection for the actress in 2015; who was obviously trying to ignore in hopes he would get the message.

Jennifer Lawrence falls up the steps


It’s common for most of us to trip ourselves walking upstairs; and it makes us feel better when a celebrity experiences the same thing in front of millions watching at home while he was moments from accepting an Oscar.

Cate Blanchett strokes her ego, er, award


For someone who always presents herself on screen as a dignified actress, it’s funny to see her provide some love to her SAG award for millions to see.

Orlando Bloom’s face


Sometimes, we make a face that someone happens to get caught on a picture and uses it online. Mr. Bloom has become one of the recent viral meme images for looking possessed by the devil.

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    Toad Mire? Is that like the guy who texted his buddy telling him to meet at the titty bar only it wasn’t his buddy, but his wife? oops!