Tips in Starting the Habit of Being Grateful, Happier in Life

One of the leading experts on being thankful – Robert Emmons, Ph. D – has broken down gratitude into two easy parts. The first is that being grateful affirms that there are positives in the world through the gifts we receive in life; i.e. family, good health, home, car, job, etc. The second part is the ability recognize that there are things good outside of ourselves either in a higher power, nature or a good social network.
The world can be filled with a lot of self-entitlement where people feel they should be given things on a silver platter to have true happiness. Other people are naturally grateful for what they have and can be quite the positive set of role models for the other group. It’s actually David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk, that our daily lives can be made happy by being grateful; not the other way around.

Pay Attention to Life, Surrounding People


One of the best ways to get better and practicing gratitude is to be more aware of the people within your life, because it’s hard to be grateful when you don’t notice everything around you. One of the easisest ways to get yourself to notice these people is to have a daily journal and write five things you are thankful for every day. Sure, you might start with extremely basic things early on, but you might find yourself eventually writing down things that are part of the bigger picture.