10 Items Once Thought To Be Healthy

Health is one of the long-running concerns for people with continuous efforts in finding the best ways to live longer, look younger and treat specific diseases. There are still new fads for dieting and finding a “Fountain of Youth” every year; only to be proven useless by medical scientists and other experts.
It’s interesting when looking back what people thought were healthy for human consumption and use, but turned out to be quite the opposite. The following 10 items are perfect examples of things thought to be healthy, but weren’t.



Early in the 1900s, folks thought normal radiation was good for the body. There were radioactive products sold in stores, including water, cosmetics and even uranium blankets thought to help with arthritis. That ended once doctors found the connection between radium and things like bone cancer and anemia.


Shark cartilage


Surgeon John Prudden believed that the cartilage of this sea predator would help shrink tumors and stop cancer during the 1950s. It did spark some interest as an alternative medicine because of how sharks didn’t get cancer. But it was proven false with more than 40 different cases of shark cancer.