10 Mythical Creatures that DO Exist!

9. Banshees


The banshee is a creature from Irish folklore, a female spirit that wanders the world bringing messages from the underworld to the world of the living. The banshee’s signature is a wailing or screaming that forebodes death. Banshees have caught on in popular fantasy and have been featured in many popular films and TV shows. More often, a banshee is heard rather than seen. But because the banshee is so deeply ingrained in Irish culture, it is no wonder that sightings are frequent. A recent incident involved a woman who saw a figure wandering her property. She called the police but when they arrived, they found no one. After the police left, the woman received a call that her mother had just passed away. Sightings/hearings of these ghosts are limited to Ireland but don’t go searching for one if you’re ever there. Someone in your family might pay for your curiosity.



  • Eskillz7

    Dragons have been proven to be real by scientists and zoologist around the world . What you may not know is dinosaurs are actually dragons. There was a special on the Discovery Channel , look it up on their site . The only reason why dragon bones are called dinosaurs is because of a scientist who didn’t believe in God and he knew that if he called them Dragon bones he would prove that their is a God . All over the world , What we call dinosaur is called dragon bones. If you decide to go to the discovery channel website you will see , they found 2 dragons: One large and one small along with 2 men . They entire cave was frozen . Meanwhile outside of the cave was above 80 degrees Fahrenheit . They concluded that everyone was frozen instantly upon the slaying of the younger dragon . Also they found that dragons are able to breath fire because of an advanced digestive system and when they consume phosphorus rock they are able to breath fire but only upon eating phosphorus rock . The thing with creatures and the urban legends you have heard is creatures are like people . Some are good and some are bad . To this day some cultures still practice cannibalism as well as creatures depending on where you are you could run into a beautiful mermaid or one so ugly you would scream from the site of it . Not all mermaids are good . They have wars just like we do . As far as elves people have breaded with these creatures since the medieval times . Mainly the royal elves mixed with the royal families in eastern Europe . This is the reason some many royal families have deformed ears pertruding with sharp pointed teeth . As far as the little elves people are still seeing …..Most of these are undesirables , who were left after they retreated into the 9th deminsion which is actually located inside the earth . Not to sound crazy but there is a reason planes, and ships vanish in remote areas . Most people are kidnapped and used as workers and helpers in this underworld . The one thing about this article is they did not put vampires in the lineup and I believe the reason for that is European Aristocracy . These families committed so much incest that they became deficient in their blood and began to deform over the years to the point where the only way they could look normal was to digest non related human blood . One thing though they’re are many types of vamps and werewolves . So be careful your boss, neighbor, even your spouse could become affected by the moon one day . In this life anything is possible and if you can imagine it , than its real . You just haven’t seen it yet . Live, laugh and love . Life has its dangers and pleasures

    • sissy

      Awesome reply….simple awesome

    • goop

      what in the actual fuck.

    • Standrex

      I saw that… I think I may have recorded it somewhere. It’s not real. It was more of a ‘what if…’ situation. Kind of like how they explain how/why life on other planets may evolve or look. I believe there was a statement at the very beginning explaining that…

    • Spectar

      Orphis, The Dragon of Infinity killed God and now on control

      • Niyola

        God exists…… The creature called dragon doesn’t exist anymore

    • Foobar

      If you believe in that then you seriously need to get out more, everything you talked about has been in a film or tv series-none of which were real.

    • Vayne Aurelius

      I saw that one too, on disovery science. one was hidden further in the frozen cave which could have been the mother, the other was found with two medieval men burned to death. there was also a third person, who killed the dragon further inside the cave but eventually died because the dragon fell towards him and he could not move. they even studied how dragons breath fire, pretty cool but pretty scary at the same time.

    • Vayne Aurelius

      I saw that one too, on discovery science. one was hidden further in the frozen cave which could have been the mother, the other was found with two medieval men burned to death. there was also a third person, who killed the dragon further inside the cave but eventually died because the dragon fell towards him and he could not move. they even studied how dragons breath fire, pretty cool but pretty scary at the same time.

    • Sue1997

      I ever saw a black dragon when I was 12.. at Padas River, Beaufort.. I know what I saw, it’s not a crocodile or whatever.. but no one trust me except my mother, she said just some of the former villagers ever saw it in 1970’s.

  • lalieke

    Why would any-one be suprised that fairies turn scary, they’re creatures of nature, humans hurt nature, fairies hurt humans and I would do the same if anyting treatend my existence.

  • hateisastrongword

    Pretty cool I guess
    Nah its cool

  • Rumors really?

    Why is America such a big part of this? it’s only 200-300 years old O.o. fairies were in stories in Ireland and the Gaelic tribe stories long before Tolkien or any post 1900’s stories as to Dragons it would be China that has the oldest and most likely stories as that civilization is over 4000 years old and has more large reptiles indigenous to it’s land. as to elves I can see Scandanavian countries being the birth place of the myths.

    • Foobar

      Could be that the writer of this was American so wrote about the mythical creatures they knew most about, could also be that since the USA was made up of so many immigrants going back those hundreds of years ago and they took their stories with them that they created more stories based in America.

    • Aldwayne Israel

      Cause America is the next sadom….. babylon!!!

    • Kristian Đukić

      I dont bolive in that shits but yea most of creatures have been seen in america.. so what you think why is that?? Because america is land of magic evrything is possible there that is all one big peace of crap

    • Frick ya bitch

      America both north and south is as old as your Heritage and then some 5,000,000 Years+.
      The Country the “United States of (North) America” is 200-300 Years old.

  • Ivana Djurdjev

    i do no not belive at this shit

    • Amina

      Yeah me too, it’s all imagination… Imagination should be used for the welfare of people or for inventions not for all this rubbish… Robots can never lead humans cz they are based on facts, if people do like this then the end of the world be a tragic disaster

    • sir

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    • Rayce Pekarovich

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  • Kate

    Werewolves do exist when my mom was little somewhere at 1 aclock it was full moon that day something begun to knock and just jump on the door it did that wolf sound over and over there was a big shadow of a bug creature with long fur they turns the light on and opens the door there was nothing there.The next morning they found some blood outside gray fur and the little apple tree that was growing was broken in half and it had schraching marks all over it now you tell me what is that..

    • Da Law

      you were not there, again its a story you heard from your mother.

    • jitendra dagur

      may be a mischevious neighbour’s part time work

  • Kate

    Big creature * sorry

  • hannah

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  • Amina

    It’s all rubbish, none of them exists, It’s all imagination… People see at animals take ideas from them and make their own creatures… No one has seen them, Most of them feed at humans and if they exist they would be eating humans… And if they exist in large number then a lot of people should be missing each day, moreover, satellites have nearly located the whole word so if they exist then they should be seen through satellites, people who say they exist are the ones believing in them, People see prints of big foot but it can be of a gorilla right? There is a chance about fairies because their signs are seen with proofs but of the tiny ones…

    • ando_malik

      A gorilla in North America? Theyre not indigenous to that area… Asia and parts of Africa, yes. North America, no.

  • Ritupam Sarma

    I don’t believe, but it’d be fun if centaurs were real…. awesome creatures, those centaurs.

  • 劉浩欣

    i do belive it since if we human exist and strange creature in the sea exist then there is nothing impossible to something like those to exist btw mothman is a real thing i saw it when i was younger it was 3 am back then and i got into the kitchen to find food but when i came back crossing the window i saw something fly so fast it was black and look like a human and all moth mans eyes are not red cuz the one saw wasnt red eyed at all but it was big and look like a human so fast at first i though it was an aswang but its macau doesn’t have aswang so i thing it was a moth man

    • Alyssa Ann Manzanilla Solano

      Woah Σ( ° △ °|||)

  • Alyssa Ann Manzanilla Solano

    If the earth is already a large place and people find amazing creatures what more if you include the whole galaxy? The creatures may exist but sometimes it’s better to leave the things as it is. They have their reasons for hidding. Of course we can’t leave the fact that we are curious sometimes. But as the saying goes “curiosity kills the cat”. Though it would be really cool to see one as long as it doesn’t harm me. And if I would to see one, of course I wouldn’t tell anyone.

  • Alyssa Ann Manzanilla Solano

    You seriously need a really open mind in this. Everything has an explanation. Though it’s so cool.

  • Hanifa

    Mermaids. I believe that. Im in Africa and years ago, a girl went missibg after some serious rainfall which flooded a lot of places. The car she was last seen in was found in the sea. Days later, she came outta nowhere and said a mermaid saved her. Thats real. No joking

  • Chess

    Imagine,I was expecting vampire to be the first in their list

  • MollieL

    If you dont belive me its ok but ive seen a banshee and a fairy! I sometimes see a banshee in the corner of my eye.. She Screams and then she leaves! And when i saw a fairy i followed it and then it flew Down to water and then i couldnt see it anymore

    • Lyn

      You guys are lucky to see those rare creatures! I hope to see elf, fairy or mermaids even just a moment. To prove their existens… :)

  • CaiNaReal

    You can believe in unicorns for all I care! But the day you start telling me how to wear my shoes so it won’t upset the unicorns, I have a problem with you. The day you start involving the unicorns in making decisions for this country I have a BIG problem with you.

  • Angelica

    All this you say arnt even half of creatures who we think are legend but are real.Like vampires they are real also there is manny hibrids between this creatures like half vampire and werewolves. pepole think that all legendary creatures are just fantasy but are not trust me I do know what I am telling.

  • moonkitten

    wow so fake exept from faries and unicorns #mythicalcrytures

  • Akiyata

    I’ve seen bigfoot on far more than one occasion, and photographic evidence was caught by a trail cam near my camp. (Though of course media/people dismiss that because no amount of evidence is enough to make them believe anything they didn’t see themselves.)

    Though bigfoot is pretty normal for me. The experiences that chill me far more….the fairies and the possible wendigo sighting. The wendigo one was very brief, just a couple years ago. I was out hunting, and I went to a different place than the rest of us in the group. I heard something and looked up the hill, thinking maybe it was a deer. Nope. It was three huge, slender humanoids, pure black, dashing through the woods at speeds no human could reach. And it was over just like that. I was super chilled, and of course no one believed me about the experience. But I’d encountered bigfoot enough to know that whatever that was…was something entirely different. Not sure if they were wendigos or something else entirely.

    Now the fairy experience, about five or six years ago….definitely the most memorable and amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. It was just a late summer night, and I went out on the porch to star gaze for a bit. But that didn’t last long. A bright orb lit up in the pine trees across the street. It was white but with a slight tint of blue. After it, hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of other orbs lit up in the trees the whole way down that side of the road. The others were only white, but it was chilling all the same. They started to slowly go off and on, almost as if they were trying to lure me….I got freaked out and ran inside. I told my younger brother and dragged him outside. He saw them and started freaking out as well. So we went back in and started yelling for my parents. They obviously didn’t believe us about lights in the trees. So we went out on the covered porch this time and sat on the stairs. The lights weren’t going off anymore. It was just dark (we live pretty much in the middle of nowhere). My dad sat there and pretty much raised a brow, calling me crazy. But then, half a minute later, the bluish light went off again. And then the hundreds of others. My dad freaked out and rushed to the door, yelling for my mom to come out. So we all sat and watched these chilling lights go on and off slowly. My dad was insistent on finding out what they were. So against my mother’s wishes, the three of us took flash lights down to the pine trees. We looked up at the light closest to the ground, the bluish one that would always start off. It kept going, but it was clear nothing was there. And this thing had to be the size of a softball. It was no bug. We shined a light on it, and nothing was there. We went around the row of pine trees and checked the other side. Nothing. We were all spooked and went back to the house. My dad declared they might be fairies. At the time, I thought he was joking and just kind of laughed. However, over the years, I’ve been researching fairies……turns out fairies were known for glowing on and off to lure people and kidnap them. That was definitely a chilling discovery. Glad I didn’t walk up to them alone. But yeah, I was glad to know I wasn’t seeing things, and at least some people believe my parents about this story. Not many, of course. I’d only seen these lights one other time, and it was only the bluish one, about a month after the first sighting. It was the one night I decided to sleep on the couch across from the large window that viewed those trees. I did my best to ignore it that time. It freaked me out.

    Aside from that, the only weird orb thing I’d seen since then was a large red orb in the sky (apparently associated with a Mayan god??). My mother and I saw that a few years ago when driving me to college at night. My elder brother claims he and his friends had seen the red orb one night as well, when they were having a bonfire in his friend’s yard and it had floated down towards them.

    And well, there is just a lot of supernatural things that happen in this world, and it’s really sad when people take things as jokes just because they personally have never experienced them. And I swear, my family attracts weird supernatural shit. Might be our Scottish and Cherokee bloodlines. I don’t know.

  • Ionela Zugravu

    You did put fairies, and didn’t put vampires and witches?! they’re the ones that are from the start in the list with the mermaid and the dragon.