10 Priciest Celebrity Rides

When you think of buying a new car, you’re probably looking for something to get you from point A to point B, and if you’re rich, you look for a ride that can do so in style. But, if you’re a celebrity, and feel like you have to one-up everyone else, your car shopping will look a little bit different. Here are the 10 most expensive rides purchased by celebrities.

10. David Beckham – $407,000 Rolls Royce


While 407k is a lot of money most of you are probably thinking, “Wait that’s ALL that Beckham spent on his ride” If you know David Beckham, you know that he has a reputation of buying expensive things. And while this this Phantom Drophead is a nice ride, we’re left wondering why Beckham didn’t spend more.


9. Rick Ross – $430,000 Maybach


This rapperexercise guru has one of the most expensive cars in Hollywood. He decided to go one step above a Mercedez Benz and get the luxury brand Maybach. This particular model has some of the nicest amenities you could imagine, and drives just as smooth as it looks.