10 small actions that can get men more interested in you

There are many times where a woman who has the looks, brains and adorable personality that should be attractive to a man, but yet they are still single for an extended period of time. So why aren’t they having any better luck like some of their peers? The trick is that there are some things that some women do that will get men to become more interested.


Smile more – You want to be the one who lights up the room with your smile, so be prepared to have it ready when you’re around a guy you like. Odds are he will talk with you more.


Flattering – Don’t be secretive about what you like. Being honest and vocal with your compliments will actually get him to be more confident and he’ll become more attracted to you.


Break that touch barrier – That doesn’t mean jumping on him. It only requires a small touch on his arm, shoulder or even just leaning on him a little bit as a subtle way to let him know you are interested.