10 Stars who Hit the ‘Casting Couch’ to Obtain Their Fame

We all have heard the stories that swirl around Hollywood: So and so slept their way to the top. Can those rumors really be true? Well, if they can happen in the life of a commoner trying to achieve executive status at their day to day job, certainly celebrities are susceptible to the same temptation. Below you will find ten of them. These stars are said to have achieved their success by hitting the ‘casting couch’. While some may surprise you, there are those that make perfect sense due to lack of real talent. Here are…

10 Casting Couch Stars

1. Gwyneth Paltrow


This actress has become such a big star that we may find this information to be a bit heartbreaking, but the truth is that her bland performance in the movie ‘Se7en’ is pretty explanatory. While she does come from professional acting stock (mom is actress Blythe Danner, dad is Bruce Paltrow) it still explains how she shot to the top so fast when she is obviously no Katharine Hepburn.


2. Lana Del Rey


This singer’s ‘Ultraviolence’ album seems to be a hit, and it features a tell-tale tune called ‘I F**cked My Way to the Top’. While most of us would look on that as being creative tongue-in-cheek, she has admitted to the press that it is in reference to her own personal experiences. None of her professional escapades landed her beloved deal, though. She had to do that on her own.



    Where is the surprise. Hollywood and whores go hand in hand. Always have always will. Next non story pleas.

  • clarenceragland

    Most of these people are hardly stars; Courtney Stodden? Puh-leease!!

  • Julia Lerner

    So who did they have to sleep with to get ahead in the business. Why not name the sleazeballs of hollywood who operate this way so other people can avoid them.

  • Tss

    All did casting couch wtf.

  • Daniel Doyle

    the women on the casting couch put themselves there. they are just as bad as the man with the couch. if you have some self respect the couch isnt even an option. so they should stop complaining about the millions they made.