10 surprising foods that can be used as aphrodisiacs

Sometimes you want the perfect meal to help you set the mood for your partner; whether you are celebrating a honeymoon or an anniversary. There are some foods that are not very sexy while eating, like trying to be seductive while chewing on kale leaves.
The good news is there are several foods that have been used as aphrodisiacs and some of them are commonly used now, including chocolate. While there are no foods that can replace Love Potion No. 9, there are a number of foods that can work just the same – some you may not have known had that kind of reaction.



We all know it best as a refreshing treat for those warm days of summer, but you probably didn’t know of how this fruit has a large amount of lycopene; which is more than just a pigment that provides the pinkish red color for the fruit. It is also known to provide an increased blood circulation that aids certain areas of the body. Just another reason to bring some sliced watermelon to the beach with you.


Chili peppers


There are a number of ways that peppers will heat things up. So bring out that cayenne pepper to your next dinner date since it will help stimulate your body’s endorphins that help yourself feel good. Peppers will also help you see an increased heart rate and other things that take place when you are having fun with your partner.