15 best ways to say ‘I Love You’ to keep relationship healthy

There has never been anything easy in maintaining a healthy relationship. Even if you love your partner with all of your heart, you can’t just say the three words “I love you;” it has to be shown through different actions so that you can truly show how much you care. Only then will your relationship thrive.


Go with the ups and downs – There will be high and low points and by accepting to get through them together, your relationship will become a lot stronger. Sometimes, you may have to deal with it solo before coming together stronger and with more faith in yourselves.


Forgiving and forgetting – Don’t let the past ruin the future. You also don’t want to bring what has happened in your past into your new relationships. Let go of your past issues and embrace the future.


Accept each other’s beliefs – You will each bring something different in terms of how you view a relationship. That means you should have communication about what you each consider important in having a healthy relationship so that your love comes together by finding common middle ground.