15 everyday things that will harm your metabolism

It might not be something you would think about all of the time, but the metabolism is one of the most important things in your body to help break down foods to get nutrients to fuel your body. It’s also helps in allowing producing the food into energy that the body needs and yet, we do things every day that can actually cause major harm to it. Because it is so important to our daily lives,

Not drinking enough water


Dehydration can be a very harmful thing to us, especially when we are first waking up after getting several hours of not drinking any water. Because our body is 60 percent water, it requires drinking up to eight glasses total per day. But not having enough will actually mean having less energy later and an increased appetite.

Too much caffeine


Whether we consume it through cups of coffee or cans of soda, we consume a lot of caffeine. Multiple nutrition experts have found that it can subdue an appetite to the point that if you were one of those busy people who drinks coffee throughout the day, you may not feel you need to eat as much food and that could hurt the body because the metabolism is slowed down to where you won’t get the nutrients effectively.

Drinking too much alcohol


There are a variety of reasons why you don’t want to drink too much at the tavern. In addition to all of the calories and the intoxication, but you can impact your metabolism’s ability to burn fat – which is why in a lot of ways, you are creating that friendly nicknamed beer belly.