20 Pre-Fame Pics of Taylor Swift

Whether you consider her country, pop, or pop-country, Taylor Swift is one of the most talented and successful musicians in the world today. She is loved by young and old alike, and with the release of each album she cuts she gains new fans. Not only is she extremely talented and beautiful, but she has also been plugging away at her career for quite some time, most of her life, in fact. Here are twenty fascinating photos of the musical icon before she got a firm grasp on fame. Enjoy!

20 Pre-Fame Taylor Swift Pics

1.Time to Eat!


Here we see the adorable Swift having a bite to eat in her high chair at around one year of age. Those golden locks are original, as we can see. She was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania.

2. Hello?


When she was this age she lived on a Christmas tree farm. She looks like she was full of personality, even back then. Wonder who she is on the telephone with?

3. Batter Up!


During the family vacations in summer Taylor’s family went to Stone Harbor in New Jersey, where they had a vacation house. According to Swift some of her best memories of youth were made there. Here she is playing a bit of ball.

4. Drummer Girl


Like we said, Swift is multi-talented. While she is at the drums here, she also got involved in musicals in the theater around this age. She was in many productions, and she also took voice and drama on Broadway.

5. Siblings


Here Taylor hangs out with her brother Austin, who was born in 1992, making him younger than she. Cute dog!