7 Things that May Prove Kim Kardashian to be Smarter than We All Think


Most, if not all, of us have thought it, or even said it, at one time or another. We may be convinced that Kim Kardashian is not the brightest light bulb in the box, and those beliefs may be rooted in us for one or more good reasons. But there are some pretty astounding facts that may convince us all otherwise. Maybe it has been an act all along, or maybe she just has genius advisors, but the following facts are enough to make one rethink their considerations about the reality TV star. Here are…


7 Things that Prove Kim is No Dummy

She Married Kanye West


Now this may not seem like proof that is valid enough to prove this point, but consider the following. Kanye is rich by his own right to the tune of $130 million. No matter what happens to Kim, she will receive child support for North if they separate or divorce. That’s thinking ahead a bit.