Eight foods that will keep cancer away

People are more likely to have a number of health issues that can be blamed to dietary decisions, which can ultimately lead to one of the various forms of the dreaded cancer. While modern medicine has helped us be able to fight off the deadly disease, there has been more scientific studies into how we can prevent even getting cancer in the first place.
The following are some healthy food options that can help you reduce the chances you will find yourself in a battle against cancer. NOTE: Make sure you are still having regular checkups regardless of how you change your diet.



With sulforaphane inside the vegetable, the compounds have been scientifically linked to being able to have neutralize cancer effects. After being broken down in digestion, it releases the compound into the body, which is why chewing thoroughly is important. The cells will destroy any cancer cells that won’t impact the healthy white blood cells.




Despite being mostly known for improving one’s eye sight, a decade worth of research has found that the compounds within this root vegetable will help with many types of cancer, especially prostate. Studies with mice found that carrots can actually stop the growth of cancer in the different areas of the body.