How to Become Someone Who Loves Working Out in Seven Steps

Get a Workout Buddy


Half of the battle is getting the motivation to get yourself into a workout routine. So one of the best ways to win that fight is to have someone help you while you are also providing them that same motivation. Consider it like getting an accountability buddy who will go with you so that it’s a little more enjoyable because someone is right there without working out.
Many experts also recommend making the workouts like a competition where you place a friendly wager on whoever can be the first to lose five pounds.


Pencil Workouts into Your Schedule


Many people like to blame the lack of time for keeping them out of the active lifestyle. But that’s when experts will recommend forcing time into your schedule so that you can make sure it is planned every day. That could mean planning your work schedule to have an hour long lunch so you can get a good workout.
Or maybe you can plan to have it done early in the morning or late at night. Put it in your planner so you are reminded to do it so you don’t forget.