In the Nick of Time: Brooklyn’s Expensive Clock Tower Apartment

Brooklyn, NY features some pretty amazing structures and some even more amazing apartment living spaces. While there are a wide variety of design and ingenuity behind many, you will find modern décor inside of a building with significant historic merit, at least a lot of the time. One such Brooklyn triplex penthouse is located in a clock tower, which overlooks New York Harbor and the Brooklyn Bridge. This unique abode is currently on the market for $25 million; keep in mind that this figure more than doubles the highest price on record ever paid for an apartment in the area.



The apartment features a 3000 square foot main floor which features four massive working clocks on each wall; the clocks are set into windows measuring 14 feet high and provide nearly perfect view from all directions (the only hindrance to the eye being the clocks themselves, of course). The clock faces are all in correspondence to the four compass points north, south, east, and west.