Ten Beautiful Celebrities Who Are Stunning as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has been one of the most iconic women in comic book history with a beauty and strength that young girls growing up looking up to. She is an Amazonian princess who is like a soldier on while still maintaining a beauty that women respect and men adore. Over the years, she has been portrayed on television and will be receiving a brand new film coming soon.
There are a number of celebrity women who would look like they would be amazing as the iconic female super hero.

Kaley Cuoco


She looked amazing wearing the costume during an episode of Big Bang Theory and it was interesting to see how all of the male characters acted awkward around someone a beautiful blonde wearing the costume; which is understandable for any man to have a similar reaction. Granted, she does lose a few points for not having the traditional headband that would have otherwise completed the costume.


Kim Kardashian


While she isn’t the most pleasant of celebrities to highlight, she does look amazing in her costume not too long ago. While it’s not perfect, she does have the presence to stand out like the Amazon princess with a powerful stance. It may not be perfect, but many of us still don’t mind the view.