The 10 best ways to know you have a cool girlfriend

A good percentage of the male population has been known to make a few mistakes when they finally find the right girl. However, there is usually an issue or two that will pop up at some point that range from having a little bit of selfishness to being having a high level of maintenance that can be quite difficult to live with.
Those issues can be a big reason why men can feel depressed and not truly loved in the relationship at a young age. But the good news is that when one gets older in age, they start to grasp a better understanding of the type of woman they want. Another bit of good news is that there is a perfect girl for them somewhere out there.
The following are 10 signs that can show you have a cool girlfriend and that you might be the first step in having found the right person for you.



Nobody wants to provide part-time care for their partner and there are some out there that can be extremely needy to the point one can feel like an adult babysitter. A good girlfriend is one who doesn’t need you to be there and just wants to enjoy your company; being able to go on when you are gone to work or a business trip.



Having a good conversation is one of the best ways to be able to enjoy long periods of time with your partner. That means your girlfriend has to be interesting to you in different ways that excite you and will continue to do so for the rest of your lives.