The 10 ways a relationship ends from moving in together

While there are so many advantages to living together, there might be issues that were previously hidden that come into the light because you are around each other a lot more. These are issues that didn’t matter when you were casually dating and only seeing each other a little bit every day. However, they do become more of a problem when you are living together.
Being able to see a relationship without those rose-colored glasses will allow you to see who the other person truly is. The following are 10 of the most common realizations that can actually lead to some relationships ending after the move-in stage.

1. Handling finances


This is one of the biggest things that will change when moving in together. Instead of being able to fully control your budget, you have two people who must share the responsibility; which requires having clear communication about what each person expects in terms of bills, rent, shopping and other expenses. You may not think about I it too much if the boyfriend spends of a few months spends his money on beer, but it can be any issue when living together.


2. The definition of “clean”


People can have issues when they are living with someone who can’t be clean at all; at the same time, they don’t want to live with someone who is extremely strict on their cleaning habits. There has to be a happy medium that both people in the relationship can agree to what the definition of “clean” is. It’s also important to come to an agreement on how to properly divide the household jobs and tasks.