The best 14 beaches that leave you lost for words

Picture having a chance to lie on the beach with the sand in between your toes and watching the waters from the ocean crash up through the waves. Some beaches bring unique characteristics that place them above all of the others so that there is a chance to get a more complete experience.

Glass Beach, California


It is amazing how a little bit of cleaning up can change an area. Up until the late 1960s, the beach was actually an area to dump trash that included vehicles, batteries and glass bottles. Now with sand and beautiful beaches, there is some truth to the belief that one’s trash can be another’s treasure.

Punaluu Black Sand Beach, Hawaii


There are several sights to see on the islands, but very few have the black sand that is created from the cooled off lava that had exploded after touching the cool waters from the Pacific Ocean. It’s a lot different than the different white beaches that can be found throughout the rest of Hawaii.