The World’s Most Expensive Experiences

We’ve all been asked “What would you do if you had a million dollars?” Well, here is a list of some of the most expensive experiences money can buy but be prepared, some of them you couldn’t get even with as much as a million in hand!

10) The exclusive “theatery” Sublimotion



Located in the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, this is no mere restaurant, in fact chef Paco Roncero justifies charging £1,250 per head because this gastronomic experience is only half about the food. At Sublimotion, you’re also paying for the ambiance—ambiance on steroids, that is. On top of providing delectable meals, Sublimotion concentrates on providing a theatrical experience that will tickle every sense and transport diners to another world. According to the owner, diners sit around a single, neon-lit table which is itself part of the show—the table, walls, and ceiling serve as the background for a meal-long light-art show. Not only are the accommodations an artistic show, the presentation of the meals also takes top-priority here. A journalist who attended a meal noted that cocktails were self-mixed “using test tubes presented to us in a giant book.” She goes on to describe her favorite courses from this 20-course extravaganza: “Nitrogen-frozen olive oil is added to bread and tomato in an unusual modern twist on the traditional Spanish dish pan con tomate…My favorite dish is a sweet dessert served up on a spinning, levitating plate, which eventually slows down enough to allow me to eat it.” To top off the experience, minute attention is given to making sure that the temperature of the room, scents, and music enhance the diners’ experience of each course.