Why Coffee is a Great Pre-Workout Beverage


IF you are looking for the best drink to get a nice boost before a workout at the gym, there have been several studies that have discovered that coffee is actually going to provide a great boost. That means not having to spend a lot of money on expensive supplements or a protein powder that is advertised to provide fat burning and energy boosting benefits.


But all that is needed is a pot of coffee without the cream or sugar as a great way to improve workouts while enjoying a number of health benefits for the body. The following are five reasons why you should drink coffee before going to that morning workout.

Metabolism Booster


The caffeine is actually a stimulant that helps increase the body’s metabolism. Four separate studies found that one’s metabolic rate jumps about three hours after drinking coffee and has also been found to increase the oxidation of fat. What this means for you is that the fat burning from your exercise is a lot more effective while also having the energy to get through the workout.